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Since 1992, Michael "Michel" Endres has been creating custom art under the pseudonym "Painted Steel".

Starting 2016, he stopped using "Painted Steel" to promote his art works and uses his own name instead.

Michael is providing classical pinstriping, illustration, freehand lettering and Old School Custom Painting.
Handpainting motorcycles the traditional way, using brushes and signpainter enamel is a fascinating technique and simple enough to create stunning results in a short amount of time. The restriction to a small toolset and avoidance of complicated technology is true to the "blue collar" roots of vehicle customizing.

The studio is centrally located between Frankfurt, Würzburg, Heidelberg (and almost Stuttgart) and can easily be reached by car or motorcycle.

Michael works together with a selected group of individuals and companies: well known customizers/builders like Udo Sacher from US Custombikes, Harley Davidson Würzburg Village, Udo Kohse from Bike Project and Laki Sideras trust him to deliver on time and high quality standards. Publishing houses like Vogel Business Media and Huber Verlag commision him to deliver outstanding work.

To check out Michael's latest works, follow the social media links at the top of the page - Thanks for looking.